Welcome to Machiggian Pomeranians

We are a small breeder of Pomeranians located in Verdal, Norway.
We have poms imported from Damascusroad, Pomdell and Oakrose kennels in Canada.
They are no longer with us, some have moved to their retirement homes, and some have crossed
over the rainbow bridge, but they have all been a wonderful asset to our breeding.
Thank you so much to Gail Stewart Oak, Joan Rose, Del Dennis and Beverley Carter for sending
us these lovely poms.

We don't have many litters a year since i mostly breed for myself.
Our goal is to breed Pomeranians that look amazing, but who also have good
mental and physical health.
I don't use poms with BSD in my breeding program. I use poms with good patellas and with a good temper.
My dogs are my kids, and they all live and run free in the house with us.
They have a large area outside where they can play.
But we often take them out for walks in the mountain or to the beach,
and they love to run on the agilityfield.
We hope you'll enjoy our site,
and send me a line if you have any questions or comments.