The 19th. Of September 2012 was a sad, sad day for us.
We lost two of our dogs in the same day. This picture was made by a friend
of us; Eva Hognes, and i think it is both beautiful and sad at the same time.
RIP Eugenios Aquarius. RIP Polly's Peanut of Machiggian.

Honeycorn Av Machiggian - after "Born To Be Blond"
& "King Royal Albert Av Machiggian".
Honeycorn lives at kennel Tiny Fellow.

Gambler Av Machiggian - After "Damascusroad Designer Jeans"
& Pom-Classic King Of Spades".
"Dumle" now lives with Kennel Bybroen.

Maud 1 year old & Polly 3 months old.

Maud & Kaisa

Playing in the garden 2008

Bea with her best friend, Askedask... They spend all the day playing together.

Happy dog... Wet after taking a bath in a mudhole...

Another happy dog.... Pirate LOVES walks...

Lucy in her raincoat... She looks like a little doll :)

Jenny and Lucy playing in the snow

Lucy - on her favorite place - under a chair in the livingroom

Pirate - trying to go to the ladies' side

Jenny is looking for the guys...

Emma playing soccer - with Jenny and Lucy watching

My daughter Kia and Emma

Kia and Emma out for a walk. Kia might have something to eat so Emma follows her everywhere! lol..

Kia and Maya.... and Emma waiting for food as always...